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  • Computer Repair

    We are the leading providers of computer repair services in the Tampa Bay area. With our five convenient locations, you’re assured our friendly, professional service is always just minutes away.

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    Go Custom With Us!

    Unless you shop in the ”one size fits all” isle, MIT Computers is your CUSTOM computer builder. We offer the premiere choice in custom computer design with the latest and greatest technology.

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    Phone Repair (New)

    Smart phones, wireless phones and iPhones® make our lives easier, and when yours needs repair, you realize how much we come to rely on them. MIT Computers is your wireless phone repair headquarters.

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    A Computer Service to Count On

    Computers and mobile technology is what we do. We are passionate about it, and it shows in our work product.

    We Fix All Brands!

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    • Computer Repair

      From hardware, software, troubleshooting & upgrades

    • Spyware Removal

      Detection, removal and prevention from future bugs

    • Custom Computers

      Hand built to your own specs to best fit your needs

    • Network Setup

      Wireless Internet & printing, server setups & more

    • Smart Phone Repair

      Software fixes and hardware part replacement