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  • Virus & Spyware

    Don’t worry, the virus can’t hurt you
    but it can damage more than you think…

    Spyware & viruses can infect your computer
    and cause issues ranging from frozen
    computers to stolen credit card numbers.

    We remove

    • Trojan horses
    • Root kits
    • Spyware
    • Backdoors
    • Key loggers
    • Boot sector
    • Worms
    • Browser hijacker

    How we can help

    The best thing you can do for your computer is to bring it to us to have a full clean up and then get you protection to help prevent future infections.

    Intricate operating system analysis will allows us to determine if a computer is infected. Just like when you get sick, some illnesses are worse off than others but we are trained and equipped to deal with any type of malware no matter how vicious.

    Your computer could be infected right now and you don't even know it